Project: Galloway4London Campaign


Mr. Galloway was running as a candidate for Mayor of London during the 2016 election. I was brought on board as a replacement for the previous web designer. The campaign team as a whole were busy ensuring smooth running of the campaign. Under the guidance of team members, it was my duty to ensure that a Campaign website and leaflet could be made in time to raise awareness of the Galloway4London campaign.


Required a campaign website and leaflet at a relatively short notice.


Campaign graphics and theme colours were already decided upon prior to my arrival on this project, all that was left was to produce a complete website and leaflet.

The existing website unsuitable for a  political campaign as it was incomplete and poorly designed. I had instead proposed a responsive parallax website instead.

With regards to the leaflet, this was completed one page at a time to ensure that the images and copy written reflected the message and tone of the campaign.


Print materials were completed in time for printing and distribution, Website was completed and maintained throughout the duration of the campaign. On the actual day of voting, the website achieved high clicks through rates, close to 1 click per second during peak hours of the day (between 12pm-5pm).

Website Screenshot:

Campaign Leaflet: