Project: HopeKitchen – Website


HopeKitchen is a social enterprise dedicated to addressing child hunger. HopeKitchen’s operations in the UK primarily involve obtaining surplus food supplies from supermarkets and redirecting these supplies towards communities where families struggle to afford food via food banks.

Within the UK, especially London, HopeKitchen recognises a strong correlation between children’s academic performance and nutrition. Bearing this in mind, HopeKitchen’s UK operations set out to engage as many supermarkets by promoting themselves as a CSR service as a means to accumulate food supplies and successfully be able to help underfed children.

The initial steps of this project involved engagement with stakeholders and potential investors. In response to this, a website, social media and marketing materials were a clear necessity at this crucial starting point.


The founders of this project had begun to contact store managers and senior members of various social enterprises.

As part of winning people over to the cause, a key component included having a website to direct people to for reference. By having a better online presence, not only would this assist HopeKitchen in their outreach efforts; this would also assist greatly in building an online audience to promote our work to.

Once the need to build a well presented online presence was established, I then began work on building the start-ups website.


There are a multitude of things to bear in mind when building websites, how it looks across platforms, the copy written up for the site, branding and much more.

My first steps included an initial consultation of what tone of message the HopeKitchen was looking to portray and also other preferences they would like to see incorporated into the final site.

After communicating back and forth repeatedly, the following were established:

  • Theme colour
  •  Logo design
  • Website layout (Parallax)

The main challenges of this project included getting the site to function after amendments were made to the HTML pages, and finding a coherent order for site information.

This was eventually addressed when I opted for a story-telling approach to the site layout.

After an initial draft was made, secondary changes were more or less just tweaks to text in order to keep text in line with the tone of our message.


Overall the result of this project was a positive one, a well presented website with a dynamic YouTube video background was successfully produced.

The existing site can be viewed at:

Website Screenshot: