Project: ‘HUMANITY’ Exhibition – LifeLyn UK


As part of a series of Exhibitions, LifeLyn UK (pronounced – Life Lyne UK) intended to hold a range of exhibitions showcasing works of Art which share common humanist values.


Secure exhibition venue, design event literature and market upcoming Exhibition to our target audience.


We had partners able to help us secure a venue at a reduced cost. Marketing literature was eventually completed after repeated drafts and advised changes were made as requested by the client. With regards to Marketing, the final strategy incorporated a two-pronged approach utilising E-Marketing and Telemarketing methods. Our target audience consisted of Art collectors and African Art aficionados, most of whom we identified as being from affluent, primarily African backgrounds.


We achieved a better than expected amount of visitors, we also managed to bring various prominent artists and managed to sell various of our works of Art totaling over £10 000+ in revenue. Feedback in Visitors book included comments such as ‘Definitely the best Exhibition held so far’ and ‘Cannot wait for the next Exhibition!’.


Exhibition Press Release:

Exhibition Flyer: